If you have a thought, idea or design but don’t have the means to bring it to life then you have come to the right people. We offer both 2D and 3D CAD services for everything from tiny house plans to 3D printable .stl files for manufacture.

Want to plan the floorspace in your property? We can accurately model it in 3D and arrange furniture, cabinets, colour schemes, bathrooms, kitchens and anything else you require to give you an accurate visual of the final product. Our 3D models can be as basic or detailed as you need them to be.

newtown cottage snapshot
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If you need help with a design, whether it’s a tiny house layout, residential/commercial property, 3D models of your idea or another service you require please head to the Contact page and send your question. We will respond with 24 hours and give you an idea of the best way to move forward.